Welcome to the 2022 Season!
Well, it took 7 games, but the long awaited “Softball Write-up” is finally here, and hopefully worth the wait! A quick season summary leading up to our double header with Trinity on Monday 6/13/22 is as follows: Game 1 Brandywine over ELCA 16-14. Games 2 & 3 against Goshen were losses- 15-16 & 13-22. Game 4 was an 8-5 win over Trinity. Game 5 was an 11-12 loss to ELCA. So entering our games on 6/13, BVBC held a record of 2-3 and hoped to turn it into a winning record

Trinity 6/13/22 Game 1:
With 10 guys on a super-humid evening, Brandywine faced a tough Trinity in a twin set of five inning games beginning with a 1-1 count. Having beat Trinity in the season series opener back on May 24th, BVBC only had to take one to grab the season series. Better yet, if we could find a way to take both, we’d find ourselves with a winning record. With our earlier than normal start time, Brandywine found ourselves beginning the game with just seven guys, but surely as the Visitors, we could prolong the top half of the inning with some stellar offense, right? Well first of all, don’t call me “Shirley”; secondly, not so much on the stellar offense thing as we fell 1-2-3. As we stalled and took the field for the bottom half, our final three players arrived just in time. 

We entered the second inning trailing 4-0, when Josh Shannon (3-3, 1B, 3B, HR, RBI) got us on the board with a solo shot to deep right. Unfortunately, we could not scrape together another run as our last three batters fell 1-2-3. In the bottom set, Joe settled in on the mound and gave up only one more run and we took a 5-1 deficit into the third.

In a five inning game, as Yogi Berra always said, “It gets late early out there”. This is no joke! A couple of singles in the third including one from Bobby Bateman (1-3, 1B), gave us some hope, but once again we could not get over the hump. In the bottom half, with Josh Shannon on the mound, our defense tightened up, only allowing one run over the last three innings!

So we entered the fourth, facing a deficit of 6-1: could we turn it around in just two remaining innings? Well…How does 7 consecutive base hits sound to you? With a Triple from Josh, followed by a RBI double from Joe Scalia (3-3, 1B, 2-2B, 2RBI), then a RBI single from Willie Lin (2-3, 2-1B, RBI) we were off to the races! Tim squared (Tim Glavin Sr. and Jr.) followed up with RBI singles, and Wes Mah (1-3, 1B, RBI) batted us into the Mercy rule, and a tie game with a RBI single. 

In the Bottom half of the fourth, Josh Shannon held Trinity to no runs, and handed the game back off to the offense. Out of the blocks in the top of the 5th, it looked a little shaky, as we gave up two quick outs. However, 6 consecutive singles including a RBI single from Tim Glavin Sr. (2-3, 2-1B, 2RBI) and a 2 RBI Triple from Tim Glavin Jr. (3-3, 2-1B, 3B, 3RBI) notched us 5 additional runs and an 11-6 lead going into the bottom half. Fortunately, Josh’s dominating pitching ended Trinity’s bottom half with no runs and delivered Brandywine an 11-6 win and captured the season series.

Trinity 6/13/22 Game 2:
With a solid win in game one, BVBC stayed in position, becoming the Home team for game two. With Joe back on the mound, he surrendered only one run in the 1st inning. Switching up the lineup a bit, Bob Bateman (1-3, 1B) lead off, beginning with a leadoff single. After another base hit, Tim Glavin Jr. (2-3, 1B, 2B, RBI) got us on the board with a RBI single. Joe Scalia (1-3, 1B, RBI) continued his hot-streak at the plate with a RBI single, and allowed Brandywine to take a 2-1 lead.

In the second, we gave up 5, and found ourselves trailing 6-2 at the end of the 2nd. Next came an unusual stretch of 4 scoreless half innings from Trinity and BVBC taking that 6-2 deficit all the way to bottom half of the 4th. Brandywine eked out another run in the fourth thanks to three consecutive singles from Mitch, Christian, and Tim Glavin Sr. (2-2, 2-1B, RBI), but still found ourselves trailing 6-3 headed into the fifth. 

It needs to be mentioned, that on the mound, Josh really got it done! He surrendered zero runs in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th innings, setting us up for a very exciting finish in the bottom half of the fifth. Wes Mah (3-3, 2-1B, HR, RBI) got us off to a great start with a solo shot! A double from Junior kept us going, but two consecutive outs made us wonder if the tying run would get past home plate or not? Mitch Ruoff (2-3, 2-1B, RBI) belayed that fear with a RBI single, but we still found ourselves trailing 5-6 with two outs. So, up came Christian DelaCuba (2-3, 1B, HR, 2RBI), with the game on the line. Christian did not disappoint, as he hit a monster shot deep into right field: Would it be caught or land between the outfielders? Oh, it landed, and it rolled (as did Christian) and we witnessed Mitch score and Christian stretch his deep shot into a Walk off (or run-off) homer to win the game 7-6! It was undoubtedly an exciting finish, and a great way for BVBC to sweep the season series from Trinity, and find ourselves with a wining record again.
So, two more to play before the playoffs, one against a tough ELCA and our last against Goshen. Lets finish strong!!!