Independence Week fireworks came early for BVBC as we took down Trinity 23-8, to wrap up our 2019 regular season. Our offensive prowess lit up the skies in preparation for our nation’s birthday, and Brandywine celebrated a clinch of second seed heading into the playoffs. With just a team of nine, Brandywine showed early on we meant business. Numerous highlights were part of our victory, including RBI’s credited to 8 of 9 players, lights out pitching from Jan Murray, and several defensive gems as well.

Despite initially only having 8 players for the first two innings, Brandywine got off to a quick start. Keeping Trinity off the board in the top of the first, BVBC struck first blood by scoring four in the bottom of the first. With one on, our second batter of the night, Joe Scalia (3-5, 2-1B, 3B, 2RBI) launched a triple, scoring the first run of the evening. Our next batter was Steve Montgomery (4-5, 3-1B, 2B, 3RBI), who smashed a RBI double. A “Routine” Homer from Landon (his first of three!), brought the inning total up to four.

To the top of the second, Rocket Murray threw his second consecutive inning of goose eggs for Trinity. (Gabe Montgomery, that’s dedicated to you! (Evidently his dad, Craig has Gabe convinced that he came up with that term)). In fact, Jan threw a total of four scoreless innings, truly taking the pressure off our offense. In the offensive half of the inning, we notched two more runs with the small ball from four singles. Josh Davis (3-5, 3-1B, 2RBI) knocked in the second of our two runs, and put us up 6-0.

Trinity tightened up in the third by scoring five runs. Not to be outdone, BVBC responded with five of our own in the bottom half. With one out, we platted four consecutive singles setting the table for the night’s star, Landon Stratford (4-5, 1B, 3HR, 10RBI). Yes, you read that correctly, Landon actually ended the night with 10 RBI’s! His second homer of the evening was a grand salami, that batted us right into the Mercy Rule.

In the fourth, Trinity was held at bay largely due to Jan’s pitching and fielding from Steve Montgomery who saved a base hit with his basket catch in the laces from left field. Our 11-5 lead was bolstered mightily with a seven run slugfest! With 6 singles in the inning, many players found a way to shine. Bob Bateman (2-4, 2-1B, RBI) hit a RBI single, as did Ben Murray (5-5, 5-1B, RBI) who rounded out a perfect night at the plate. Landon continued his mastery of the long-ball, by hitting his third of the night with a three run shot! With that, Brandywine began to run away with it by taking a commanding 18-5 lead through four.

In the top of the fifth, Jan secured his second Strikeout of the evening, catching the batter looking. All said, he gave up just two runs in the fifth. Brandywine got one back in the bottom half thanks to an in-the-park solo home run from Josh Shannon (5-5, 4-1B, HR, 3RBI), our second of two players to hit perfect at the plate.

With a 19-8 lead in the bottom of the sixth, we were not quite ready to stop. With five singles and a walk from Jan Murray (2-4, 2-1B, BB), Brian Burris (2-5, 2-1B, RBI) came next, batting in a RBI single. With this small ball, our run talley came to 23. Great pitching and defense shut Trinity down in the top of the seventh, ending in a decisive 23-8 victory.

With that, Brandywine finished the regular season with a 5-3 record, and a seed of two in the tournament. Our playoff schedule begins Monday July 8th against Aldersgate. As always, we love our fans, and anticipate our numbers in that department growing soon, as the Shannon’s expect their next in the coming weeks. Be sure to sign into our first playoff game. Go Brandywine! Let’s recapture the crown!!!

Trinity Trounced!