How happy we are to have the opportunity to play softball once again after a cancelled season due to COVID! A year off (two for me personally, nursing a knee injury!), seemed like an eternity as BVBC finally took to the field at Elam, kicking off our 2021 season. With several new and, ah-hem, “old” faces, our BVBC softball team is back at it!

We kicked off our season on 5-20-21 with a matchup against Goshen, then two games the week of 5-24 against Trinity and Goshen. At the end of our first full week, BVBC is off to a 1-2 start, but as we continue to kick off the rust, our bats are showing lots of power.

5-20-21 Recap Vs. Goshen:

Our rival Baptists of Goshen were our first opponents of the season. With ten guys, we came up short against our Baptist foes, but showed some quality moments both offensively and defensively. In the first, perhaps it was the excitement of being back, but BVBC went down 1-2-3 in quick order. Good pitching from Mark only let Goshen score 1 run, and kept the game close.

In the second, Josh Shannon (2-3, 2-1B, SAC, 2-RBI) recorded the first BVBC hit in two years! Newcomer Gabe Brandt ( 2-3, 1B, 3B, BB, 1RBI) made his presence known with a RBI triple. Another newby, Isaac Zamora (2-4, 1B, 2B) continued the inning with a single. Mark Horne (2-3, 2-1B, RBI) helped his cause with a RBI single and gave us a short-lived 2-1 lead. Unfortunately two consecutive 6 run innings for Goshen allowed them to build up a wide open lead that Brandywine could never recover from. In the third, Ben Murray (2-4, 1B, 2B) got us going with a leadoff single. A sacrifice fly from Josh followed by a RBI single from Tim Cura (1-4, 1B, RBI) secured two more runs for Brandywine. Our bats were held silent once again in the 4th with another 1-2-3 inning.

Trailing 15-4 in the 5th, Brandywine had their strongest offensive showing of the evening. With his first hit of his young softball career, Ben Cura (1-3, 1B) lead off with a single. Joe Scalia (1-4, 1B, RBI) plated Ben. Mitch Ruoff (3-4, 1B, 2-2B, RBI) hit his second double of the night, bringing Joe home. Later in the inning with the bases loaded, Bradley Aulick (1-4, 2B, 3-RBI) made his one hit of the night count with a 3 RBI double! This kicked the Mercy Rule in- stopping our rally at 6 runs and tightening the game to a 15-10 deficit. Unfortunately in the bottom half, we gave back 5 runs to Goshen and trailed 20-10 into the sixth.

Despite our offense ending there, the bottom of the 6th was a true highlight of the game with back to back defensive gems in the infield and outfield. Josh kicked it off with a classic running & throwing 6-3 out stopping Goshen in their tracks. Not to be outdone, a ball that looked headed out to the graveyard was somehow resurrected by Ben Murray who weaved and bobbed a few gravestones, securing a dramatic catch, saving a few runs!

Unfortunately, our bats were silenced and we took our first loss of the season at the aforementioned score of 20-10. Honestly though, just getting out on the field felt like a ‘W’ and the beginning of a promising season.

5-25 Recap Vs. Trinity

A strong offensive start allowed us to secure a lead over Trinity that we never relinquished. Josh Shannon (2-3, 2B, HR, 5-RBI) got us started with a RBI double in the first. Joe Scalia (2-3, 2-1B, RBI) followed suit with a RBI single followed by Mark Horne (1-3, 1B, RBI) who did the same.

In the 2nd, BVBC had a powerful offensive inning all with 2 outs on the board! It began with a 2 out single from Jan Murray (1-2, 1B). Making his BVBC debut was Wes Mah (1-3, 1B, RBI) who hit a RBI single. Putting ducks on the pond was Mitch Ruoff (3-3, 3-1B) who set the table for Josh Shannon who cleared the bags with a grand slam! So with 8 runs, lights out pitching from Jan Murray for the first two innings kept Trinity off the board until they finally clawed their way onto the board with a 2 run third.

In the fourth, Ben Cura (1-3, 1B) started us off with a single. Another Ben, of the Murray variety (3-3, 3-1B, RBI) plated Cura-the younger, giving us a 9-2 lead. That same score held up till the top of the fifth when we tacked on one more run thanks to a Sacrifice Fly from Kevin Zebly (1-2, 1B, RBI).

That would be the end of our scoring for the night, and it proved to be just enough. Trinity tacked on 6 runs over the final three innings, coming up just short and allowing BVBC their first victory of 2021 with a 10-8 battle!

5-27 Recap Vs. Goshen

Just one week after playing our Baptist rivals, we had our first rematch. Unfortunately the result was similar to week one, but we did have our best offensive showing of year. With lots of pregame drama, from: “Would we have enough players?” to “Love thy neighbor (even when they are unloveable!)”, we were happy to get to the game with 12 bodies. Ben Murray (2-4, 2-1B, RBI) and Joe Scalia (1-4,1B) got us started with back to back singles. Mitch Ruoff (3-4, 3-1B, RBI) continued his hot streak with a RBI single. Josh Shannon (2-3, 1B, 2B, SAC, RBI) followed with a RBI single, putting us on the board with a 2-0 lead. With Mark Horne pitching all night, he kept us in the fight only surrendering 3 runs in the first.

In the second, BVBC regained the lead with a strong 4 run showing. A new player Jake Biasotto (3-3, 2-1B, 2B) lead off with a double. Another rookie, Jeremiah Glavin (2-3, 2-1B, 2RBI) plated one with a RBI single. A few batters later, Mike Gardner (3-3, 1B, 2-HR, 6 RBI) hit a three run homer, giving us a 6-3 lead. Unfortunately a five run half of Goshen’s inning allowed them to reclaim the lead, 8-6. The third inning hurt us, with no runs scored and giving up six, and extending Goshen’s lead to 14-6.

We got two runs back in the fourth, thanks to a 2-run homerun from Dylan Cruser (2-3, 1B, HR, 4RBI), but once again we surrendered five runs and found ourselves in a 19-8 hole. In the fifth, Tim Cura (2-3, 2-1B) lead off with a single. His second HR of the evening allowed Mike Gardner to score two, but our rally fizzled there. In the bottom half, a scoreless Goshen gave us hope finding ourselves now trailing 19-10.

Once again a rowdy sixth brought us within striking distance. It began with a single from Tommy Biasotto (1-3, 1B). Jake, then Ben Cura (1-3, 1B) loaded ‘em up with back to back singles. Next came Dylan, Jeremiah, and Mike G. with singles of their own. Ben Murray (2-4, 2-1B, RBI) hit a RBI single too, ending the rally due to the five-run mercy rule. Trailing now 19-15, BVBC seemed to regain some confidence. Unfortunately, we gave all five of those runs back in the bottom half of the sixth. With little offense produced in the 7th, we found ourselves on the short end of our second loss to Goshen inside of a week.

So, with our first full week in the books, BVBC finds ourselves at 1-2 with one game scheduled for Wednesday 6/2, once again against Goshen. Thanks to all the guys who have come out to play for BVBC. Lets keep at it, and get one back against Goshen!
We're Back, Baby!
Yakety Yak?  Back-to-back On Track!!!
As we settle into the middle of June, BVBC’s softball season is in full-swing! Two back-to-back wins this week helped even out our record as we slide into the final third of the regular season. This week’s games seem to have opened up our offense, allowing for our strongest offensive showing of the season last night. Here’s how it shook out:

8-6 Win over ELCA 6/14/21:

With our only win of the season a distant three weeks in the past, Brandywine was certainly ready to get back into the ‘W’ column. Our first matchup against ELCA proved to be the remedy to our slump. Although not a resounding victory, a win is a win, and it may have helped us turn the corner on our 2021 season.

With Joe Scalia taking the mound, he found himself pitching three consecutive shutout innings to start the game. Joe would end up pitching five scoreless innings, which proved to be a major reason for our victory.

Our first run was scratched out by Dylan Cruser (1-3, 2-1B, 2RBI) in the second when he plated his brother with a RBI single. Amazingly this was the only scoring of the game until the top of the fifth, when our bats finally woke up. Laird Townsend (1-2, 2-1B) got us going with a one out single. After a sacrifice fly to score one, we did most of our damage with two outs on the board. A single from Kevin Zebley (1-3, 1B), gave our next batter (making his BVBC debut), Mark Cruser (2-3, 1B, 2B, 3B,2RBI) the chance to drive in a run with a double. Not to be outdone by his big brother, Dylan plated his second run of the evening with a RBI single. Next came Mike Downey (2-3, 2-1B, RBI) with a RBI single. Earning his first ever RBI, was Ben Cura (2-3, 2-1B, RBI), who batted us into the five run mercy rule. With ELCA gaining 3 back, Brandywine found ourselves with a 6-3 lead at the end of four.

In the fifth, Tim Cura (2-3, 2-1B) lead off with a single. Tommy Biasotto (1-2, 1B) followed with single as well. Big brother Jake (0-2, RBI) plated Tim, expanding our lead to 7-3. Joe’s lights out pitching shut ELCA down again in the bottom half of the fifth. In the sixth, Joe Scalia (2-3, 2-1B) got us going with a single. Josh Shannon (1-2, 1B, RBI, SAC) got on board with a single as well. Mark Cruser was next with his second RBI of the night, rounding out our run total to eight.

In the bottom half of the sixth, ELCA gave us a bit of a scare as they answered back with three runs, tightening the game to a two run deficit heading into the 7th. Once again, thanks to Joe’s prowess on the mound and some great D behind him, we were able to hold off ELCA and get away with an 8-6 victory.

17-7 Win over Trinity 6/15/21:

Despite the score, this game was actually close most of the evening but for two break-out innings. A scoreless first brought us to the second, where Trinity drew first blood and handed BVBC a three run deficit. We were able to get two back in the second, beginning with a single from Mike Downey (2-3, 2-1B). With a couple more singles, the bases were juiced for Kevin Zebley (3-3, 1B, 2-2B, 5RBI), who hit a 2RBI single, and brought us within one run.

We only gave up one run in the top half of the third, now trailing Trinity 4-2. With a couple of singles, Josh Shannon (2-3, 2B, HR, 3RBI) decided it was time to clear the bags, as he hit a 3-run homer. Our new 5-4 lead proved to be a lead we would never give up for the balance of the evening. This largely thanks to great pitching from both Josh and Jan who combined for three scoreless innings pitched for the good guys!

Our fourth inning proved to really open up the game as we scored 6, kicking in the mercy rule. With a leadoff single, Kevin hit a RBI double. Bob Bateman (3-3, 3-1B) kept things going with a single. Mike Gardner (2-3, 2-2B, RBI) came next with a RBI double. Mitch Ruoff (3-4, 3-1B, 2RBI) continued his hot streak with a 2RBI single. Next came Jake Biasotto (1-3, HR, 3RBI) who decided to show off for Mom and Dad by hitting a two-run homerun, and kicking in the Mercy Rule.

In the top half of the fifth, BVBC gave up three runs, but our hot bats continued into the bottom half. Ben Murray ( 2-4, 1B, HR, RBI) started us off with solo homerun. A double from Josh, set up Jared Cura (1-3, 1B, RBI) [Tim’s nephew], to secure his first ever RBI for Brandywine. Jeremiah Glavin (2-3, 2-1B) singled next, followed by a RBI single from Jan Murray (3-3, 3-1B, RBI). Next came Tim Cura (1-3, 1B) who kept the inning going with a single. Kevin knocked in two with a 2 RBI ground-rule double.

With a 16-7 lead going into the sixth, Brandywine added one more for good measure with a Sacrifice fly from Jake. Jan “The Rocket” Murray kept Trinity off the board in both the sixth and seventh innings, allowing us to secure our 17-7 win. With that win, BVBC is back even at a 3-3 record. Our final three regular season games will continue over the next two Monday’s and a still to be scheduled makeup game will finish out our regular season.

Thanks to our fans this week, mostly the Biasotto family and they Downeys. We always appreciate the support and its great to have you with us! Please sign-in for Monday 6/21 as our numbers may be tight! See you next week.

Rubber game victory bounces us to a loss
On June 30th, BVBC completed the regular season schedule with a loss to Trinity 8-10. As such, we take a 4-5 record into the playoffs, awaiting the determination of a 2nd or 3rd seed into the Tournament. So, lets take a look back at what proved to be a busy week of softball with lots of ups and downs.

ELCA from 6/21:

On 6/21, BVBC took on ELCA for our second matchup of the season. After a tight victory over them early in the season, we did not know what to expect from our gritty competitors. So with cloudy skies and threats of boomers in the area, we got underway. 
The first inning began with us surrendering four runs. The bottom half of the inning for us yielded just one hit and no runs. In the second, it only got worse as we gave up five more and faced a quick 9-0 deficit headed to the bottom half of the 2nd. Making his BVBC debut, Timothy Glavin (1-2, HR, 2RBI) had something to say about it and knocked in two with a two-run home run; not a bad start! So trailing 9-2, we moved into the third.

Unfortunately, ELCA’s bats were as thunderous as the coming storm! In the third, they notched 3 more runs and upped their lead to 12-2. Things looked promising in the bottom half of the third as Tim Cura (2-3, 2-1B) kicked off with a single. With a couple more singles and a couple more outs, we managed to only score one with a RBI single from Kevin Zelby (3-4, 3-1B, 2RBI). So still in a deep hole trailing 12-3 we moved to the 4th, where we gave up two more. Our bottom half of the fourth was a quick 1-2-3 and we entered the 5th trailing 14-3. 

Despite taking the field at the top of the fifth and Josh Shannon securing a strikeout, the black skies and imminent rains had us vacating the diamond, and we sat on that 14-3 score for a whole week in a suspended contest…

So, 6/28 rolls around and we continue in the 5th. Could we battle back in three innings from a 14-3 deficit? With Joe Scalia back from his missions trip, he took the mound and helped stop the bleeding, holding ELCA to only one run for the rest of the game- step one complete. Step 2, could we score a few runs? Why yes, yes we did! In the bottom of the fifth, it began with two back-to -back singles from Dave [Tim’s older brother] and Tim Cura. Next came Mitch Ruoff (2-4, 2-1B, 2RBI), who batted in a run with a RBI single. Joe Scalia (0-2, RBI) batted into a fielder’s choice, but brought a run in. Josh Shannon (1-4, 1B, RBI) singled in a run, followed by Mike Downey (3-4, 3-1B, RBI), who closed out the inning with a RBI single, narrowing the score to 14-7.

With just one run surrendered in the top of the sixth, the table was set for a BIG inning. Jared Cura (2-3, 2-1B, BB) began the “March of the Cura’s” with a leadoff single. Wes Mah (1-2, HR, 2RBI), also fresh from a missions trip decided to hit a home run, electrifying our offense. Ben Cura (BB) walked, followed by a single from Dave Cura (2-3, 2-1B). Laird Townsend (2-3, 2-1B, RBI) plated a run with a RBI single, as did Mitch and Kevin. With just one out secured, the Mercy rule kicked in, ending our rally and tightening the score to 15-12.

With Joe continuing to hold down ELCA’s bats. He gave us the opportunity to complete the improbable comeback. Unfortunately, the bottom half of the 7th began with two consecutive outs, and despite a couple of base runners, we just couldn’t get it done. So after a game that literally lasted for a week Brandywine found ourselves in the ‘L’ column with a final score of 15-12.

ELCA 6/28 Rubber Game:

If the loss did anything for us, it helped course correct the offensive side of the house. The rubber game proved to be quite a contest; one that stretched into 10 innings! In the bottom half of the 1st, our first eight, yes EIGHT batters all reached base! With two runners on, Kevin Zebley (2-4, 1B, RBI) hit a RBI single and got us on the board. RBI singles from Josh Shannon (3-4, 2-1B, 2B,3RBI) and Mike Downey (1-4, 1B, RBI) accounted for our next two runs. RBI singles from Dave Cura (2-3, 2-1B,BB, RBI) and Bob Bateman (2-4, 2-1B, RBI) brought to close, an inning where NO OUTS were recorded by ELCA!

In the second, with a 5-1 lead, Joe continued his prowess on the mound only surrendering two runs. In the lower half of the 2nd, our batters quietly went down without scoring a run. With 2 more runs allowed in the 3rd, BVBC found ourselves all knotted up headed into the bottom half. A run batted in by Mitch combined with a single from Wes Mah (3-4, 2-1B, 2B), set Josh Shannon (3-4, 2-1B, 2B, 3RBI) up for a two-RBI double, restoring the lead to BVBC at 8-5. 

As the 4th rolled around, Josh took to the mound and shut down ELCA. In the bottom set, two quick base runners set Tim Cura (0-1, RBI, SAC) up for a sacrifice fly, and a lead of 9-5. In the 5th ELCA got 3 back. Mike Gardner (2-4, 1b, HR, RBI) hit a homer, and increased our lead to two.

ELCA struck back hard in the sixth, scoring five to take a three-run lead, which they held and stretched by one more till the 7th. 
Fortunately for Brandywine We were able to tie it up in the bottom of the 7th by scoring four, and forcing extra innings. This began with back-to-back singles from Dave and Bob. A RBI single from Joe Scalia (2-4, 2-1B, RBI) followed by the same from Ben Murray (3-3, 3-1B, BB, RBI) brought us within two. Despite a walk being “The worst play in all of sports” (Credit: Brian Carroll), Tommy Biasotto’s (1-3, 1B, 2 RBI) timely base on balls made it a one run deficit. A sacrifice from Mitch tied it up, sending us to the extra sets. 

What’s more exciting than extra innings? Well, winning in extra, but doing so after falling behind! Trailing 15-14 in the bottom of the 10th made for some interesting drama. Ben Cura (1-3, 1B, BB) got us started with a leadoff single. Gardy followed with a single, and Ben Murray loaded ‘em up with a single as well. Tommy’s RBI single tied it up setting the table for “Mr. Consistent”, Mitch Ruoff (2-3, 2-1B, BB, SAC, 3RBI) who launched a RBI single and a victory in our rubber game against ELCA!

Trinity 6/30:

Headed into our final game of the regular season at 4-4, Brandywine controlled our own destiny. A win, gave us the second seed and a home game in the playoffs; a loss and we’d have to ironically depend on Trinity to lose their final game for this spot. 

BVBC started out strong stepping out to a 3-0 lead in the first with 3 consecutive singles from Ryan Williard (4-4, 3-1B, 2B, 2RBI), Bob Bateman (4-4, 4-1B), and Laird Townsend (1-3, 1B, SAC, 2RBI). 3 consecutive singles from Jan Murray (3-4, 3-1B), Ben Cura (1-4, 1B, RBI), and Mike Downey (2-3, 2-1B, RBI) is also how the first ended. Surrendering two in the bottom half of the first, gave Brandywine a 3-2 lead, which we clung to until the bottom of the 3rd. Trinity scored once in the third, snarling us in a 3-3 tie.
Unable to make the offense work in innings 2-4, Trinity kept chipping at us, taking a 5-3 lead into the 5th. We got one run back in the fifth with a sacrifice from Laird, only to give two right back in the lower half. 

So, into the sixth, with BVBC trailing 7-4, we had a breakout offensive inning. With three singles from Jan, Mike and Tim Cura (2-3, 2-1B) the bases were juiced for Ben Murray (1-2, 1B, 2RBI). He took advantage, platting two with a single. Ryan followed suit with a 2RBI single, giving us four runs, and a tight 8-7 lead. This lead proved to be short-lived as Trinity got back 3 and took a 10-8 lead.

The top of the seventh started with great promise as Josh Shannon (1-4, 2B) launched a ground rule double which very well could have been a homerun depending on who observed it. Joe Scalia (1-4, 1B) was next with what appeared to be a single he just might beat out, unfortunately the ball hit his leg off the bounce and he was called out. Our final two batters were retired quietly, and there we sat, stunned at a close 8-10 defeat.

Our combined pitching from Josh and Jan held Trinity to those 10 runs, but unfortunately, our offense was not quite enough to make it happen. So, with our 4-5 record, we are either 3rd seed or if Trinity loses next week, we will regain the 2nd seed. Either way, Trinity will be our round one opponent. It appears if that game will be Tuesday 7/13. It all starts anew then, so keep at it, and maybe we can regain the title. See you in the playoffs!

Still Better Than 2020!
There are things in life I do not like to do. Things, if given the choice I would never do. I don’t like to fold laundry; I don’t want to leave the beach on the last day of vacation. I don’t like taking down the Christmas Tree. Add to that: I don’t like the final write-up of the softball season, especially when it ends in a loss. Unfortunately for BVBC, our season came to an abrupt halt this week as we lost on back-to-back evenings against Trinity and ELCA. Although they say ‘close’ only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, our two playoff losses were indeed tight, as we lost by one and two runs respectively. So no, it did not end how we preferred, but something we can all agree on, “It was still better than 2020!”

Trinity 7/13:

Our longest running rival of the CAL without a doubt is Trinity. Over the years we have had epic matchups that always seem to be decided by a run or two. Having taken two of three from them during the regular season, we certainly had high hopes in the opening round of the playoffs. As the visiting team due to seed, you could not ask for a better start with five consecutive singles to begin the game! Mitch Ruoff, AKA “Mr. Consistent” (2-3, 2-1B) got us going with a leadoff single. Ryan Williard (2-3, 2-1B), and Kevin Zebley (3-3, 3-1B, RBI) each singled as well, loading the bases for Josh Shannon (2-3, 1B, 2B, 2RBI) who hit a 2 RBI single. Mike Downey (2-3, 2-1B, 2RBI) kept it going with a RBI single, and just like that we were off to a 3-0 lead. Unfortunately, we gave those runs right back in the bottom half, taking a 3-3 tie all the way into the third inning.

Back from a two week hiatus at the world’s most magical place (Disney), Mark Horne (1-2, 1B) started the third with a leadoff single. Back to back singles from Ryan and Kevin scored Mark, and gave us a 4-3 lead. Once again, Trinity found a way to score 3, and they took a 6-4 lead into the fourth.

Our fourth inning was comprised of a solid offensive performance. With two singles to lead off the inning, Jeremiah Glavin (1-2, RBI, SAC) plated one with a sacrifice fly. Joe Scalia (1-2, 2B) was next with a double. Bob Bateman (1-2, HR, 3RBI) made it really count with a three-run homer that gave BVBC an 8-6 lead. In the bottom half of the inning, Trinity showed their grit, and managed to knot it up 8-8 going into the 5th.

Despite a leadoff single from Laird Townsend (1-2, 1B) to start the 5th, Trinity managed to stop our rally in its tracks, keeping the tie going into the bottom set. Despite our best efforts to hold the line, Trinity managed to scratch one more run out and took a 9-8 lead into the 6th inning.

In the sixth, we got off to a promising start with a leadoff single from Mitch. Despite another single a couple batters later from Kevin, we could not manage to score that tying run.

Jan continued to do his job on the mound as he shut Trinity down in the sixth, keeping it a one run game.
So, we came to our final shot in the top of the 7th. Unfortunately the middle of our order went down 1-2-3 and just like that, we fell to our rivals 8-9 and dropped into the losers bracket against an ELCA team that was waiting for their opponent.

ELCA 7/14:
Playing a consecutive night in the July heat is not always the ideal; the air was thick, still, and stifling over Elam. As the 3 seed against the 4th, BVBC was rewarded with a home game for our second playoff game. Despite giving up 3 quick runs in the top set, our offense stayed loose as we kicked things off with four consecutive hits. In the leadoff spot, Kevin Zebley (3-4, 3-1B) reached base on a single. Ryan Williard (1-4, 1B) followed suit with a single of his own. Timothy Glavin (2-3, 1B, HR, SAC, 4RBI) got the job done with a monster homerun to dead center that tied the game with one swing. Josh Shannon (4-4, 2-1B, 2B, 3B, RBI) started his perfect night at the plate with a triple, and Ben Murray (3-3, 3-1B, SAC, 3RBI) hit a sacrifice fly to give us a 4-3 lead.

In the second, Mark Horne settled in nicely, pitching a shutout inning and taking some pressure off the offense. In our half of the second, Mark Horne (2-3, 2-1B) got it done on the other side by hitting a leadoff single. Tim Cura (2-3, 2-1B), and Jeremiah Glavin (2-3, 2-1B, RBI) each hit a single with Jeremiah plating a RBI and upping our lead to 5-3.

In the third inning, we surrendered three runs back to ELCA giving them a 6-5 lead. In the bottom half, despite three consecutive singles to load the bags and just one out, we could not take advantage, failing to score a run.

ELCA padded their lead in the fourth, scoring one additional run and upping their lead to 7-5. In the bottom half, despite a single from Joe Scalia (1-3, 1B), Mark, and Tim, we failed to capitalize, putting up our second consecutive goose egg for the evening. 
In the 5th, ELCA continued to dink ‘em in, manufacturing three more runs and extending their lead to 10-5. In the bottom half, it was the top of our order that helped get us back on the board. With a single and error that got Kevin onto second, Tim G. hit a sacrifice fly that scored one. Singles from Josh, Ben, and Mike Downey (2-4, 2-1B, RBI) knocked in one more, cutting into their lead 10-7. 

Managing to hold ELCA to no runs in the sixth, was directly related to the great infield defense brought to you by Josh and Joe. With two runners on, Josh managed to catch a low ball on the fly, catching the runner on second base off-guard, and allowing Joe to complete the inning ending double play that pumped some excitement into our crew! Unfortunately, in the bottom set, we could not capitalize, failing to take advantage of Jan Murray’s (1-3, 1B) two out single.

Surrendering two more runs in the top half of the 7th, BVBC face a daunting 12-8 deficit. Did we have enough to pull out a come from behind victory? Two back-to-back singles from Jeremiah and Kevin, was certainly a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, two quick outs followed with the two aforementioned base runners still sitting on first and second. With Josh up next, he hit a RBI double that scored Jeremiah. Ben Murray’s two-RBI single followed by a single from Mike Downey, gave us hope that we could complete the improbable two out rally. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. We hit into our final out of the season with the tying run on first base.

Close? Like you wouldn’t believe. With that 12-10 loss, BVBC found ourselves on a two and out playoff appearance that ended our 2021 season. Not to dwell on the negative, but it also extended our playoff drought to three years, having secured our last playoff win on July, 24th 2018! Yet as the opening paragraph stated, even with these disappointments, it was still better than 2020: The year without softball thanks to COVID-19! 
So we head into another off-season, wishing we could have played more. Despite things ending abruptly, we had a great group of guys, many playing with us for the first time ever. I am grateful for our sportsmanship, and I am optimistic for what 2022 has in store for BVBC. So, have a great rest of the summer, and until next May, let’s get back into our winning ways!

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